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Pattern for the brass back / CG 2017



Wind load calculations / Compusoft Engineering, 2018


Light Weight ‘O’ : updated drawings, Catherine Griffiths, 2017


original proposal, drawings / Catherine Griffiths, 2012



01 typography in the landscape

Wellington Airport domestic terminal, NZ
2015 — / installation tba

Te Kei, Ara Institute of Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ

Zion Hill Park
Auckland, NZ
2014 construction 2015/16

Light Weight ‘O’
O’Connell Street, Auckland, NZ
2012 — awaiting installation

Fifth Movement
Takapuna Beach House, NZ

The Trestle Leg Series
Auckland Harbour Bridge, NZ

A Hillside Intervention Athfield Architects, Wellington, NZ

A typo/sound sculpture, Wellington, NZ

Wellington Writers Walk
A series of 15 concrete text sculptures, Wellington, NZ
2002 and 2004

Ponatahi House
A house wrapped in literature, Wairarapa, NZ

Distance Markers
A series of cast-iron, number discs, Wellington, NZ

Light Weight O

2012 —

client: Auckland Council Public Art Team

New Zealand

Long-awaited ... »Light Weight O« is on the verge of being built, almost six years since winning the call for submissions for a light-based artwork for downtown Auckland’s O’Connell Street. 

Originally intended to be suspended above the intersection where Vulcan Lane meets O’Connell Street, the work is a slender brass-backed, mirror-faced circular object, an O, which hangs and turns, reflecting and moving, catching the eye close-up, and at a distance.

The drawings below show »Light Weight O« as proposed in 2012 and developed in 2017.

In a stirling effort to find a willing partnership between two buildings opposite each other, the object will now be suspended between No.5 and No. 10.

As part of the research and design process, the materials and fixing details have been developed with Design Production and Compusoft Engineering.


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